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is a percussive style of dance. It’s name comes from the tapping sound made when the metal plates on the dancer’s shoe touches a hard surface. 

is structured in technique and uses a vast variety of music all the way from broadway to pop. It is and upbeat style of dance.

consists of floor gymnastics that progresses from forward rolls and cartwheels to advanced tumbling including aerial work. This focuses on flexibility, strength, and team work. 

is offered to ages 4 through 18. Hip hop is an upbeat dance that encourages expression and style. It incorporates jazz, break, and popping and locking. All music selections and dance moves will be age appropriate.

Adult combo Class

will be offered to dancers 18 and up who are wanting to have some fun with exercise and movement. 

Adult Tap

will be a great opportunity to pull out your old tap shoes or start a new hobby! We will have two teachers in the room that will be able to accommodate for the more experienced tappers and the beginning tappers.
*Adult classes will be for movement and fun and will not perform in the recital.*

is offered to enhance ones flexibly, strength, and endurance. Time will be spent working across the floor and center work, while focusing on kicks, leaps, and turns.

Technique and stretch

introduce the fundamentals of tap and ballet, while also exploring imaginations through creative movement. Acrobatics is introduced in the combo class at the age of four and then offered as an additional class at the age of six. Jazz is introduced at the age of 5 and continues to age 18.  Lyrical is introduced at the age of six and transitions to contemporary/modern at the age of 13.

is a precise and highly formalized development of coordination, muscle strength, motor and listening skills, along with musical and spatial awareness.

class is structured to stimulate coordination and listening skills, music interpretation, and motor development in the youngest dancers. Moms will participate with their dancer in class.

combo classes





is a fusion of ballet and jazz technique that uses dramatic motion to interpret music and express emotion. 


 are styles of expressive dance that combine elements of several dance genres.


hip hop

mommy and me

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